20 new species of animals and plants found in the Andes

Scientists have announced the discovery of 20 new species of animals and plants in the Bolivian Andes. They also watched those representatives whom they had not seen for decades.

Located near Bolivia’s capital, La Paz, the Zongo Valley is known as the “heart” of the region. There, the researchers found the “mountain viper,” “Bolivian flag snake,” and “Lilliputian frog”, as well as several species of orchids and butterflies.

We did not expect to find so many new species and rediscover those animals and plants that were considered extinct.

Trond Larsen, member of the nonprofit environmental group Conservation International.

Detected species:

Mountain viper
This snake is highly venomous, with large fangs and heat-sensitive dimples on the head to help locate prey.

Frog midget
In length, it is no more than a centimeter. It has a brownish brown color, which allows it to hide well from predators. The frog that the research team found is no more than 10 mm in length.

Devil frog
The last time this species was observed 20 years ago. After numerous attempts to find it, scientists decided that it was extinct.

Also, scientists have found a satyr butterfly. It was last seen 98 years ago. Scientists believe that some species can live in the Andes and nowhere else globally, so they need to be monitored and maintained.

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