In Germany, a unique Alpina B12 (E38) sedan of 2000 was put up for sale. In total, less than a hundred similar copies were produced, but only this car has an exclusive color.

In 1999-2001, 94 units of BMW Alpina B12 were assembled in an elongated E38 body. At the same time, the copy put up for sale became the only model painted in British Racing Green.

The car boasts luxurious equipment: among other things, multi-spoke wheels with a diameter of 20 inches, adaptive shock absorbers, multimedia with a large screen, double glass in the doors, leather trim in the cabin, hydraulic drive of the trunk lid, heating of all seats, comfortable front seats with breakable backs and electric steering column adjustment are provided for it.

Under the hood of the Alpina is a six-liter atmospheric V12 engine, the output of which has been increased from the factory 326 to 430 horsepower. The sedan accelerates to “hundreds” in 5.9 seconds at a maximum speed of 291 kilometers per hour.

In total, the “four-door” has changed two owners in its life. For 22 years, the mileage of the car reached 200,000 kilometers. The seller asks for 55 thousand euros for the car.