95-year-old Queen Elizabeth II was asked to strip the title of 36-year-old Prince Harry. A petition has been created against him.

A friend of Princess Diana and the author of a biography of the Dukes of Sussex called on the British to express their opinion. Lady Colin Campbell has created a petition called The Right Thing to Do. She offered to collect signatures for Elizabeth II to deprive her grandson of the royal title.

“I started this because I think it’s the right thing to do. I’ve spoken to a lot of people, and they all think the petition is the solution. This is a worthy solution for everyone concerned. There is no humiliation here, only protection. To me, this is a humane way to resolve a very unfortunate situation,” Campbell told the Daily Star.

She noted that Meghan and Harry will not lose anything if they remain without titles. Their names are already well-known enough that they can easily sell their brand. In addition, it will allow them to develop as independent units, leaving the echoes of royal life behind.

More than 33,000 Britons agreed with Lady Colin. The subjects of Elizabeth II signed the petition and told why they did it. “Harry and Meghan should not keep their titles because they use them for their own personal good,” “The Prince is damaging the country by using the title,” “Harry’s actions are destroying the country, and it is very strange how the royal family behaves in relation to this,” the British wrote. The Dukes of Sussex settled in Montecito, California. Meghan is in no hurry to return to England, and Harry, if he does, it will only be as a last resort. The Prince is expected in London for the unveiling of the monument to Princess Diana.