Jamie Oliver’s wife, Jools, with whom the famous chef brings up five children, suffered another miscarriage during the quarantine. A 46-year-old mother of many children shared the news in the Made By Mammas podcast. She admitted that since the birth of her son Rivera in 2016, she had three miscarriages, one of which occurred only a few weeks ago.

Jools openly talked about the five miscarriages that she suffered in 20 years of marriage with chef Jamie. And on their wedding anniversary last month, they paid tribute to the “five little stars in the sky” they lost. Jamie and Jools raise five children: 18-year-old Poppy, 17-year-old Daisy, 11-year-old Petal, 9-year-old Buddy, and three-year-old Rivera, and dream of a sixth child.

‘I really want a sixth child, but three attempts led to miscarriages, the last was three weeks ago … I thought about it. Of course, I want, but I have to make sure that it is a good idea. Including physically – I am almost 46. So this is a little doubtful. Jamie is still waiting, but maybe another year — and I will close this topic because I am so happy and my life is full,’— shared Jules.

She noted that the last miscarriage was dangerous:

‘The latter was quite dangerous to health. This was already the second one. My family does not want me to do this anymore. They think: You have five children, they are all healthy, just be thankful for that.’