4A Games broke the silence with a big announcement regarding the Metro universe. Ukrainian developers announced a big update for Exodus and also shared the first details about the sequel.

4A Games is working on Metro Exodus for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, due out next year. The developers did not disclose all the details but noted that the new consoles’ editions would receive improved graphics, increased frame rates, and faster downloads.

Plus, Metro Exodus owners for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will get the updated version for free.

In addition to re-releases for the next generation, 4A Games plans to launch Metro Exodus on the Amazon Luna cloud service and release versions of the game for Linux and Mac.

The developers also recalled that they are already working on a sequel to Metro, noting that they are preparing a project for the ninth generation of consoles and PCs. 4A Games also did not disclose details but decided to clarify for the fans that a story-driven single-player adventure awaits them. Also, thanks to a partnership with Saber Interactive, the studio has additional hands to develop multiplayer.

“Still, we want to remind you that everything is just beginning – none of the above does mean that the next Metro will only be multiplayer or will be released with multiplayer and a single-player campaign in one set. We’re still trying to figure it out, but we’re confident that we want to do more of the solo story-driven adventures in the Metro universe that our fans know and love”, wrote 4A Games.