Demi Moore was the star of the Fendi Couture show, which took place as part of Haute Couture Week in Paris the night before. The Hollywood star took to the catwalk in a spectacular black satin suit with open shoulders and a deep neckline.

True, during the online broadcast, all the public’s attention was riveted on the celebrity’s face. Her unnaturally sunken cheeks and seemingly frozen facial expressions pushed fans to conclusions: most likely, Demi Moore recently turned to the services of plastic surgeons again. In any case, it seems that her cheekbones have been corrected with fillers and a circular facelift has been done.

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True, those who closely follow Moore’s biography will hardly be surprised by surgeons’ next intervention. The actress has a lot of plastic surgeries. At one time, she corrected the nose’s shape, inserted third-size implants into the chest, tightened the eyelids and even corrected the knees. Nevertheless, it is worth giving her credit – at 58 years old, Demi Moore looks great.