In Britain, 5G towers are set on fire after rumors of the spread of COVID-19 through them. The reason for the rumors was a fake video, writes The Verge.

Five towers were burned in Birmingham, Liverpool, Melling and Merseyside – according to police, all the protesters watched fake videos on YouTube and Facebook with a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus epidemic in the suburbs of Liverpool Aigburth.

The video says that the virus was transmitted to all patients through cellular communications – in particular, according to the 5G protocol. Of course, this statement contradicts all modern knowledge about the mechanism of the spread of viruses and is completely false.

“People are trying to destroy the infrastructure that is needed in an emergency situation with the coronavirus”.

Stephen Powys, Director, UK National Health Service

According to analysts at Full Fact, a conspiracy theory about the spread of COVID-19 through 5G is widespread. Researchers divide it into two types – some proponents of the theory believe that 5G affects the immune system and increases susceptibility to infection, while others believe that a new type of coronavirus spreads through radio waves. In fact, both statements are false, the organization notes.