76-year-old actress Lydia Franco accused Adam Driver of using physical force and boorish behaviour.

The incident took place on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, where Franco starred in the cameo role of Panicked Woman Number One. According to her, Adam, who became famous after one of the title roles in Star Wars, behaved very incorrectly at rehearsals, was arrogant, kicked everyone out of the pavilion and raised his voice. Also, he demanded to prescribe a special clause in contracts with extras – they had no right to look him in the eye under threat of dismissal.

“Adam Driver behaved horribly,” Lydia tells reporters for the Portuguese website La Tercera. “He attacked me. And it had nothing to do with the scene we were rehearsing. “

Both the actress and the extras complained about Adam to the producers of the project. They condemned the actor’s behaviour but did not take any action. On the contrary, they offered to leave the project to everyone dissatisfied, including Lydia. Neither Driver himself nor his assistants have yet commented on the incident. Lydia Franco did not refuse to participate in the film, continuous shooting.