During excavations on the Danish island of Funen, archaeologists discovered an amazingly well-preserved bronze sword, which is about 3 thousand years old.

The island is preparing to lay a large gas pipeline, “Baltic Pipe”, between Poland and Denmark. For about a year now, archaeologists have been exploring places where pipes will be laid in the future.

The sword found in the village of Khora weighs 1.3 kg. According to the Odense City Museum, it miraculously preserved elements of a handle made of wood and horn. Most likely, the sword was hidden in the ground during the offering ritual. Before burying, the weapon was wrapped in the bast.

Now the sword has been transferred to the museum for study and conservation. Scientists will try to clarify the dating and also find out where the materials from which the sword was made were obtained. After that, the find will be exhibited at the Mentergarden Museum of Cultural History.