According to preliminary data, the detainee tried to escape from the scene of another crime, CNN reports.

The car hit the participants of the Christmas parade in the city of Waukesha (Wisconsin), resulting in the death of five people, most likely was not a terrorist attack. This was reported on Monday by CNN, citing sources in local law enforcement agencies.

As the TV company clarifies with reference to its interlocutors, the detained driver of the car, according to preliminary data, tried to escape from the scene of another crime. As a result, he either lost control or tried to get away from law enforcement officers on the street where the parade was taking place. Sources claim that the incident, therefore, is not related to the activities of either terrorist groups outside the United States or extremists inside the country. The police also do not connect the hit-and-run with the acquittal of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot two people during the Black Lives Matter protests a year ago.