Combat drone assassin tracked down and eliminated the fighter without the operator’s command.

The UN Security Council expert group on Libya released a report according to which, in March 2020, a combat quadcopter could for the first time eliminate a live target in a fully autonomous mode, without operator intervention.

It is noted that it was a Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle Kargu-2, which at that moment did not receive any commands from a person. Details of the case, as well as whether the attack of the technique led to human casualties, are not reported.

The vehicle is equipped with a bomb that can explode on impact with a target.

Autonomous combat systems were programmed to attack targets without the need for data transfer between the operator and the quadcopter. In fact, this is the true embodiment of the principle of “fire and forget”.

UN Security Council Expert Group Report on Libya

National security consultant Zach Kellenborn said that when using such drones in autonomous mode, when they cannot contact the operator, there is a high risk of fatal errors that could result in deaths, including of civilians.