Saudi Arabia has taken an important step regarding the independence of women in the country. Recently, the local court made a historic decision: it recognized the right of a woman named Meriam Al-Etibi to live independently and travel around the country without a male guardian.

Three years ago, the country’s prosecutor’s office accused Meriam that she left her family home and left for Riyadh, without asking permission from relatives and parents. Now, in this case, the point was finally set: the court did not consider Al-Etibi’s act a crime. During the final meeting, Meram was described as a sane adult “who has the right to decide where he wants to live.”

The defendant’s lawyer, Abdulrahman Al-Lahm, emphasized that this court decision is a big step forward for the entire future of the country.

‘A historic ruling was issued today confirming that the independence of a sane adult woman in a separate home is not a punishable crime, ‘ the lawyer said.