The court’s ruling notes that the lawyers of the politician could not present convincing arguments from a legal point of view.

The Federal Court of the capital of the American District of Columbia refused to block the transfer of tax returns of ex-President Donald Trump to U.S. congressmen. This is stated in the decision received in the electronic database of the court.

The U.S. Department of Justice, which simultaneously performs the functions of the Prosecutor General’s Office, issued a conclusion in July, according to which the country’s financial department should hand over Trump’s tax returns to the House of Representatives Committee on Income and Expenses. The ex-president of the United States in August appealed to the court in order to obtain a ban on the provision of these documents to lawmakers. He explained that the Democrats’ request to receive his tax returns is illegal and is caused only by the desire to extract “political benefits.”

The ruling notes that Trump’s lawyers were unable to present convincing arguments from a legal point of view. The judge referred to a number of precedents in favor of the need to comply with the requirements of congressmen. The court granted the motion of the legislators to terminate the proceedings in the case. It is expected that the ex-president will challenge this decision.

Trump, under various pretexts, refused to publish his tax returns, although his political opponents have been demanding that he do so since the 2016 presidential race. He stated that regulatory authorities were conducting inspections of companies owned by him. According to Trump, in this regard, it is undesirable to publish information about tax deductions.

The New York Times newspaper in September 2020 made an allegation that its journalists had read Trump’s tax returns for more than 20 years. It allegedly follows from them that in 2016 and 2017 he paid income tax in total for only $ 1.5 thousand. Trump said that these allegations are not true.