The court agreed with the plaintiffs’ arguments that this vaccination order was adopted by the federal government, but was not approved by Congress.

The Court of the Eastern District of Missouri decided to suspend the mandatory vaccination of all health care workers in this and nine other states. The decision was posted in the electronic database of the court.

As stated in the document, the defendant, represented by the U.S. government, must “immediately cease execution or enforcement” of the decree on mandatory vaccination of health care workers and other participants in the Medicare and Medicaid health insurance programs of the states of Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Wyoming. The District Court of Missouri agreed with the arguments of the plaintiffs (represented by the mentioned states) that this resolution was adopted by the federal government, but was not approved by the U.S. Congress.

In early November, the White House ordered approximately 84 million employees of private companies to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus or to undergo regular tests by January 4, 2022. Health care workers are also required to be vaccinated during this period. According to the estimates of the authorities, in general, we are talking about 17 million people.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on information from federal and local authorities, more than 48.3 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 777 thousand people have died. According to both indicators, the country ranks first in the world.