Ruthie Thompson was 111 years old.

Ruthie Thompson, the oldest employee of The Walt Disney Company and a long-lived woman, died in the United States at 111. The Hollywood Reporter magazine reported this with reference to a representative of the company.

According to him, Thompson in the last days of her life, Thompson was in a hospital owned by the Film and Television Foundation in Woodland Hills (California). The cause of her death has not been disclosed.

Ruthie Thompson was born in 1910 in Portland. When her family moved to Los Angeles, their home was on the same block as the home of Robert Disney, Walt Disney’s uncle.

Thompson devoted about 40 years of her life to working at Disney, starting with an artist’s vacancy. She had a hand in creating most of the studio’s famous cartoons, from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to “The Rescuers.” As the head of the scene planning department, she helped set up, and direct cameras used to shoot animated scenes and backgrounds on film.

Thanks to her experience with the camera, Thompson was one of the first to receive an offer to become part of an international association of photographers. However, in an early interview, she admitted that she had never dreamed of such a kind of occupation.

After leaving Disney in 1975, Thompson worked in other animation studios for about ten more years. “Mickey Mouse and I grew up together,” she often repeated.