Senators from both chambers of the U.S. Congress have introduced a bill providing for a ban on energy imports from Russia in connection with the events in Ukraine, the lawmakers said in a statement.

“Vladimir Putin uses the energy sector as a weapon of war. Russia’s actions require a fundamental rethinking of U.S. national security, as well as our national and international energy policy, which currently supports Russia by allowing it to supply its energy resources,” the statement said.

The bill was presented by Democratic Senator from West Virginia, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Joe Manchin and his Republican colleague Lisa Murkowski, who also represents this committee.

The bill, among other things, assumes the declaration of a state of emergency in the United States in connection with the “threat to national security, foreign policy and economy” of the United States, which was the result of “Russian aggression against Ukraine.” Based on the state of emergency, as follows from the document, the U.S. president should announce a complete ban on the import of crude oil, petroleum products, LNG and coal from Russia.

Congressmen emphasize that this draft law is based “on common sense,” and therefore enjoys the support of representatives of both U.S. political parties: Republican and Democratic. “He will hit the Kremlin in the most painful place. If President (Joe) Biden had not started a war against American energy from the first day of his presidency, he would have already imposed a similar ban on Russian energy carriers,” U.S. senators believe.