A member of the House of Representatives from the Republican Party, Marjorie Taylor Green, proposed to the U.S. Congress to declare three impeachments to President Joe Biden at once.

According to her, one of the draft resolutions she submitted to Congress provides for the removal of Biden from power for allegedly leaving ten thousand Americans under the rule of the Afghan Taliban movement. In addition, Green believes that the president violated immigration laws by allowing a crisis on the southern border and appropriated legislative powers contrary to the position of the Supreme Court, extending the moratorium on eviction of tenants.

“In the seven short months of Joe Biden’s presidency, America has lost the respect of the whole world. The evidence is obvious, and his actions are so egregious that he needs to be impeached,” Green said.

However, her initiative has little chance of success since both chambers of Congress are controlled by Biden’s colleagues in the Democratic Party.

Green has repeatedly shocked the public by promoting all sorts of conspiracy theories, questioning the danger of the coronavirus, and opposing sanitary measures, for which Twitter repeatedly blocked her. She once compared the mask regime to the horrors of the Holocaust but then took back her words and apologized.