FusionFlight has shown a drone with four jet engines. Its maximum takeoff weight is 60 kg.

The company showed a new version of the jet quadcopter called the AB6. It has four micro-turbine jet engines, a housing that protects them, and a thrust vector deflection system. This allows the engine nozzles to swivel back and forth independently of each other.

Today, quadcopters are the most popular type of civilian drones. They usually have four electric motors and the same number of identical propellers. FusionFlight employees replaced the rotors with microturbine jet engines.

The total power of all installations is 149 kW. The aircraft can land and fly vertically. The minimum landing area should be 1.2 by 0.9 m. The maximum take-off weight is 60 kg, of which 20 kg is a fuel tank.

Also, the device can accelerate to 400 km / h. At this speed, the copter covers a maximum of 150 km.

The drone can also be programmed to fly along a specific route or switch to manual control, but the latter only works at a distance of 50 km.