A fireball flew across the sky of Australia. What was it?

Imagine that you are walking along a night street and you see a huge green ball flying through the sky – what will you do? Most likely, you will immediately pick up the phone and start shooting what is happening on Instagram for Instagram or just on camera. That is exactly what locksmith Denby Turton did when a burning ball appeared in the sky above Australia at 1 a.m. on June 15, leaving a green mark. Unfortunately, his camera was not able to focus on an unidentified object and make it difficult to see it on video. But in Australia, there was another hard worker who worked the night shift and shot a more detailed video. Scientific publications were contacted by eyewitnesses, and scientists talked about the origin of the fireball.

Green meteorite
Green meteorite

Green meteorite

The person who provided the best video for the unusual event was a technician named Mitch Brune. According to him, an unidentified object was visible for 30 seconds and he managed to quickly grab a smartphone to record a 17-second video. According to him, he was amazed at how a burning object illuminated the sky is green.

I have never seen anything like it in my life! You can understand this by the abundance of matyuk in my video, ”Mitch Bryun shared during a conversation with the scientific publication ScienceAlert.

Many other people became eyewitnesses of the unusual phenomenon, including even those who came to the message about police burglary. People began to put forward various assumptions about the nature of the mysterious object in the sky. Someone believed that it was a military apparatus, and some eyewitnesses were completely sure that they saw the ship of aliens. In fact, the flying object was most likely a meteorite – a space object that burned out in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Space junk or meteorite?

To find out the truth, journalists turned to Eleanor Sansom, who works as the project manager for the Desert Fireball Network (DFN), for help. As part of this project, scientists every night observe all the falling stars and meteorites that arise over Australia. The system deployed by researchers consists of 50 cameras that span approximately three million square kilometers of sky.

But this is bad luck – according to Eleanor Sense, the cameras they installed could not capture an unusual object. Researchers immediately dispelled the rumors of an alien spaceship and announced that it was either space debris or a cosmic rock. But the fact that people saw in the sky a part of an obsolete satellite burning in the atmosphere is hard to believe – in the sky you saw sparks from burnt metal parts.

According to Renae Sayers, an employee at the Center for Space Research at Curtin University (Australia), the trace of an unidentified object was clean and even. Such features are characteristic of meteorites, and the outgoing greenish-blue color could be caused by the combustion of magnesium or iron, which made up the space object. The researchers could not explain the unusual glow with more accurate details, because 95% of the light emitted from the meteorite was caused by a burnt atmosphere.

But the green tint may hint that the object was far from the Earth and did not pose a threat to us. According to Eleanor Sense, many meteorites burn green and turn orange only when they are close to our planet.

One of the Desert Fireball Network cameras
One of the Desert Fireball Network cameras

Finally, here’s an interesting fact for you – after the fall of large meteorites, large craters remain on the surface of our planet. In them, water begins to accumulate over time and thus meteorite lakes arise. Some of them are very unusual – in India, there is a lake, in which the water periodically changes color.

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