A flexible X-ray detector without heavy metals has been created

The American Chemical Society has created a flexible X-ray detector: no heavy metals are needed in its production.

In the new work, the authors have created a wearable X-ray detector made of non-toxic metal-organic frameworks (MOFS): they are deposited in layers between flexible plastic and gold electrodes, this is necessary for highly sensitive sensing and visualization.

Most X-ray detectors are built into massive and stationary instruments such as a tomograph. The authors of the new work decided to make their design more versatile.

For example, rounded detectors can be used in some radiation monitoring applications as well as medical imaging. In addition, previously it was not possible to make the detector completely free of heavy metals: the structures still contained lead.

In their new work, the authors mixed a solution of a nickel chloride salt and 2,5-diaminobenzene-1,4-dithiol (DABDT) for several hours to create an MOF (metal organic framework) in which nickel would bind DABDT molecules.

The team then placed a nickel-containing MOF between gold-film electrodes, one of which was on a flexible plastic surface. It was necessary to make a flexible X-ray detector. To do this, the researchers used copper wires to transmit current from each pixel of a 12×12 matrix and coated the entire device with a flexible silicone-based polymer.

The authors believe their device will help create the next generation of versatile radiological equipment.

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