Former US military intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler said that America is turning into a totalitarian country and reminds her of the USSR, from which she emigrated. Fox News quotes her.

“I was born and raised in a totalitarian state, and I know firsthand how the government spies on ordinary citizens. The recent revelations about NSA surveillance have taken me back 30 years to the country of my birth, which no longer exists — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,” she said.

According to Koffler, for criticizing Soviet leaders, state control, or the socialist system, they could be expelled from school or fired from their jobs. It was a surprise that the same thing was happening in the United States: she began to monitor what she was saying and to whom.

The “correct” opinion has recently appeared in the country — the position of the ruling class and decent society, she believes. And Americans whose views contradict the ideological dogmas of liberals are fired and boycotted, banned from speaking on college campuses, and technology giants ban them from social networks, a former intelligence officer complains.

According to Koffler, calls for socialism and promises of “freebies” are becoming louder in the United States. She urged Americans to beware of a situation in which the state promises free medicine, education, and other material benefits. According to her, under socialism, mass consumer goods were in short supply. The party nomenclature received everything — they were treated in the best hospitals, received cars, televisions, and other amenities. A similar situation arose in the United States, where during the pandemic, politicians ate in expensive restaurants, went to hairdressers as if nothing had happened, and took luxury vacations. At the same time, the rest were locked up and could not afford anything.

“Do you remember the shortage of basic things at the beginning of the pandemic — masks, hand sanitizers, paper napkins? Do you remember how hard it was to get them? And now imagine the America of the future, where toilet paper goes to the elites, ” Koffler reflects.

All this, combined with the surveillance organized by the US special services for the country’s citizens, indicates the approach of a new era of total control in America, the ex-intelligence officer believes.

“To prevent the USSR 2.0 and save American freedom, we must act immediately,” she concluded.