Britons are looking for ways to avoid the hyper mutation of the virus.

In the UK, a group of scientists has suggested the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus that will kill every third person infected. According to them, it can also become invulnerable to existing vaccines. Therefore, the main task is to prevent such a super mutation.

A group of British scientists has suggested that a new strain of coronavirus will kill every third person infected. This is reported by the Daily Mail with reference to the published documents of the Scientific Advisory Group on Emergency Situations. At the same time, they stressed that mass vaccination could accelerate the mutation process as in the UK.

Experts said that the future strain could be resistant to vaccines if it arises as a result of a combination of the beta variant “South Africa,” which quietly bypasses post-vaccination immunity with the most infectious variants “Kent Alpha” or “India” Delta. Recombination can lead to the appearance of a strain with “increased morbidity and mortality.”

At the same time, scientists recognize that vaccines will work until there is a super-powerful mutation. And this is unlikely. But at the same time, vaccination is not a panacea for the increase in mortality. After all, it does not provide “absolute sterilizing immunity.”

Experts warn that September and October may again give an increase in morbidity. A new wave may take place in these months, and the load on hospitals will increase sharply. They associate this with the beginning of the school year. International students will return to the country who can bring new versions of the virus.

Another “trigger” may be the use of antibody therapy. The British borrowed this treatment protocol from the Americans immediately after it helped to quickly “put on his feet” Donald Trump, who was infected with the coronavirus. Scientists believe that this technique will scatter new strains, and no one can predict their mutations.

Experts suggest that revaccination should be carried out in the UK before the winter. That is, to introduce the so-called booster doses of drugs. In addition, they recommend that the government limit the contacts of residents of the country with the outside world to exclude the import of new strains. As another measure, it is recommended to destroy minks and cats that are carriers of the coronavirus. All this will help prevent the COVID-19 mutation on the territory of the Kingdom, experts suggest.