If you’re new to buying and selling bitcoin or any other altcoin for that matter, using a bitcoin conversion calculator is crucial. Nowadays, various sites offer real-time crypto exchange rates. Keeping tabs with the rates is critical as it will help you know when to sell and when to hold your stash.

Keep in mind that crypto coins are very volatile and it’s always a good idea to study the markets before making a trade. There are various methods of trading bitcoin that we will discuss in this guide. We will also delve into using crypto wallets and how you can earn interest from your crypto savings.

Crypto Exchange Accounts

Crypto exchange accounts or websites allow you to sell, buy, or even swap coins. The websites feature easy-to-use tabs and buttons. All you need to do is sign up for an account and wait for it to be verified.

After that, add your mode of payment, which can be via PayPal or even your bank account through a Visa or Master Card. Once you’re set, you can start buying bitcoins or any other altcoin that you wish to purchase. Before you buy or sell your bitcoin, ensure that you use a bitcoin earning calculator to check if you’re incurring a loss or profit.

Coin Swapping

You can swap your bitcoin for other altcoins. Most people do this when they notice that bitcoin’s price is dipping but do not want to exchange it for fiat currencies. However, when swapping coins, it’s always a good idea to only invest in altcoins that are promising such as Ethereum.

A proper bitcoin conversion calculator can come in handy, giving you a complete picture of whether the deal is profitable or not. There are several crypto calculators on the internet. You can read reviews from other users to find which works best for you.

Crypto Wallet Services

Storing your crypto investment in a private e-wallet is always the best option. Some people store their bitcoin in the wallets offered by crypto exchange platforms. However, this doesn’t give you complete control over your crypto.

For instance, if the crypto exchange service you’re using goes under, you will lose all of your savings. The best option is to use third-party crypto wallet services that will give you 100% control over your savings. You will not fear losing your stash if the platform you use for trading goes down and will have complete control over how you want to use your crypto savings.

If you’re looking for the best crypto wallet service, then look no further than YouHodler. They offer wallets services, and above that, you can earn free coins from your crypto savings. How so, you may ask? Well, YouHodler offers competitive interest rates when you store your crypto with them.

You can use the bitcoin earning calculator to check how much interest you’ll earn from your savings. Besides that, you can also get loans using your crypto saving as security. With YouHodler, you will not be tempted to sell your crypto coins.