A homeless man in the United States infiltrated Washington’s Andrews Air Base, where the president’s Air Force One aircraft is based, and stayed there for about five hours, Business Insider reports, citing official sources.

The incident took place on February 4th. An unusually dressed man – wearing a bright pink cap with pompoms – was able to enter the airfield thanks to the negligence of a security guard who did not check his documents. The uninvited guest spent some time at the food court and in the VIP terminal.

Then he managed to get to the runway: he passed through the faulty automatic gates, failing to attract the staff’s attention. He did not come close to the Biden plane or the Boeing reserved for the US Secretary of State, but he boarded the C-40 Clipper. It was only after the ship’s crew noticed the strange behaviour that he was arrested.

The man said that he came “because he wanted to see the planes.” When checked, it turned out that he lives in his car and was not going to cause any harm. It is not known whether he will be charged.

Last year, the American San Francisco authorities quarantined in hotels with all amenities about 270 homeless people who tested positive for coronavirus infection. In addition to a roof over their heads and food, 43 “guests” with addictions decided to distribute alcohol, marijuana and tobacco.