A huge robo-arm is being tested on the ISS

The astronauts began testing the European manipulator on the ISS: its length is 11.3 m.

A huge European Robotic Arm (ERA) was delivered to the ISS. It is going to be used for assembly work, support of astronauts during extravehicular activities and maintenance of the orbital complex.

Now the astronauts are activating the manipulator control systems and integrating its software into the station’s control system.

The ISS Russian Segment crew began integrating and testing the ERA manipulator, which is located on the outer surface of the Nauka multipurpose laboratory module.

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The new structure has several joints, so it can move in different directions: its total length is 11.3 m.

After all the preparatory work, the ISS crew will conduct tests of the components and software of the manipulator to check whether it is working correctly and whether it will correctly execute all commands on the ISS.

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