A huge spherical cavity found in the Milky Way

Astronomers have discovered in space a giant spherical cavity near the molecular clouds of Perseus and Taurus.

Scientists have found an unusual cavity near the molecular clouds of Perseus and Taurus – these are the places where new stars are forming. The authors of the new work stated that these two clouds are not independent structures, but are located on the surface of a huge sphere that remained after a supernova explosion for about ten million years.

It is a hollow sphere roughly 150 parsecs, or 500 light years across. Scientists have made a 3D map of it based on observations from the ESA space observatory.

Hundreds of stars are forming or already exist on the surface of this giant bubble. Regarding its formation, we have two versions: either one supernova exploded in the center of this bubble and pushed gas outward, forming what we now call the Perseus-Taurus Supernova, or a series of supernovae that have arisen over millions of years created it over time …

Shmuel Biali, Study Director

The authors believe that the unusual region appeared as a result of the same supernova shock wave, and the Perseus and Taurus clouds were formed simultaneously under the action of the same supernova shock wave.

There are many theories about how gas rearranges itself to form stars. Astronomers previously tested these hypotheses using simulations, but in the new work, the authors used real images to compare theory with observations.

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