The Konger Ice Shelf completely collapsed on March 15, 2022. NASA specialists have published a series of satellite images that show how the glacier disappeared.

The Conger Glacier was located off the east coast of Antarctica. Its area was almost 1200 square km. This is slightly larger than the area of ​​Moscow before the expansion in 2012.

Pictures of the destruction taken by Landsat and MODIS satellites were tweeted by Katherine Walker, a NASA specialist, Earth explorer and planetary scientist from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Images released by Walker show the shelf slowly receding until March 14. And in the picture on March 16, you can see that the glacier has completely split.

“Ice sheets are critical to contain the flow of ice from the continent to the sea. says Andrew McIntosh, a glacier researcher at Monash University in Australia. “If the containment shield collapses, the flow of ice from the land will accelerate and lead to sea level rise.”

Scientists attribute the destruction of the glacier to the abnormal heat that set in Antarctica in March. Hitech previously wrote about record warming, during which the temperature on the southernmost continent rose 40°C above normal.