The 100-year-old centenarian named sports and positive thinking as the reasons for her longevity.

In Canada, a woman who walked 10,000 kilometers in five years celebrated her 100th birthday and revealed the secret of her health and longevity. This is reported by Parksville-Qualicum Beach News.

Myrtle Purchase celebrated a significant date on January 11. The long-lived woman said that she started working as a seed saleswoman when she was 12 years old, since then she has been leading an active lifestyle for 88 years and tries to walk several kilometers every day. Purchase loves to walk so much that her son bought her a pedometer.

Thanks to the device, it turned out that over the past five years, an elderly Canadian woman has walked ten thousand kilometers — it’s like crossing Canada from west to east and back. The reasons for her longevity, the woman called an active lifestyle, sports and yoga, as well as positive thinking. “I try to look positively into the future and concentrate more on the bright sides of life,” the jubilee shared her secret.