One person was killed and five others were seriously injured as a result of a shooting in the American city of El Paso in Texas, the local newspaper El Paso Times reports, citing the city police.

The shooting occurred in the desert near the city, where locals usually come to have parties around the campfire or ride jeeps on the dunes, the newspaper writes.

The police received a report of shots fired, the newspaper writes. Upon arrival, the sheriff’s office staff found several injured people and one victim; she was a 21-year-old young man. The motives and reasons for the shooting are being investigated, an investigation is underway.

According to the newspaper, a local school sports complex and a student center are located near the scene of the incident. The police have repeatedly conducted raids in this area to stop the use of alcohol by minors, drugs, and “thoughtless” shooting from weapons, as a result of which there are traces of stray bullets on nearby houses.