For several days, I received personal questions about what was happening: people wanted to know the “real” truth, not what the media wrote. Therefore, instead of stories, here you have news from the front line. Sorry, today without humor, because it is inappropriate and we are no longer laughing.

Alas, the media do not exaggerate in New York, the most that neither is the crisis of medical institutions. City hospitals are switching to emergency mode. What does it mean? Now you can’t just go to hospitals. Many institutions have closed entrances and set up tent sorting centers, where all visitors are measured temperature, and if there are no symptoms, only then allow access to the premises. For people with symptoms or suspicion of COVID-19, there are separate testing centers. Almost all operations and outpatient appointments in large hospitals have been canceled, and only emergency operations are performed. Clinics for testing and treating venereal diseases are almost all closed. Some doctors only take them to their offices.

Medical workers are being mobilized. All forces are thrown to work with the sick. Doctors of different specialties are encouraged to go to the front line. Many pathologists were called to treat patients. Do you present a picture? The pathologist will come to examine the still alive! However, where to go? There is a mass call for doctors and other medical staff to retire. Some hotels are even ready to accommodate them! Medical universities externally graduate the last course so that newly minted doctors immediately join the ranks and join their colleagues at the forefront! The nurses and nurses were the hardest hit. It is to these brave people that we are obliged to erect a monument after this epidemic. Medical staff began to die in NY. In one of the hospitals, the chief nurse of 40 years died, and a 37-year-old nurse died a day later. I interviewed one of them a few weeks ago. In my new hospital, several pregnant nurses also fell ill, and one of the worst nightmares of a woman in a position materialized before them. And the medical staff will continue to die! In addition, the most Achtung is that we were not ready for such a scale of the epidemic! I never allow myself to speak about politics in social networks, but today I will make an exception. The office of our so-called President has once again proved that there is only a bunch of worthless rich people sitting there. How to cut taxes for the rich is one thing, but how to prepare for an epidemic is quite another: you need brains. Instead of saying that the virus is the machinations of liberals and playing Golf, in December, the government should have started preparing for the epidemic, which was actively trumpeted by many virologists and epidemiologists. Nevertheless, Golf is more important. And what do we have? There is a huge shortage of personal protective equipment and ventilators. Yesterday we were kindly told that effective anti-COVID-19 masks N95 would be issued once per week only to medical personnel who work with infected people. One mask a week is the equivalent of being given three pieces of toilet paper, and somehow that should last you for a week! The rest of the staff is given one cotton mask per day. They are not effective. Many hospitals do not have enough disposable gowns and gloves! Some nurses even decided to pose for photos on social media in trash bags to show the scale of the problem. Medical staff are treated like garbage by the government, and even by patients. Every day the number of cases is growing – the medical staff is at the limit. Yesterday there were about 6000 thousand ambulance calls in NY! Very soon, we will come to the point where we will decide who gets the ventilator, and we will understand that there is no one to care for the patients. Some nurses and nurses simply refuse to go to work and sacrifice themselves and their families’ health until they are provided with adequate personal protective equipment. In addition, I understand them perfectly! Who has huge respect, so this is our Governor Andrew Cuomo, who try to somehow provide hospitals because the established supply chains have fallen apart. Recently, a friend who has two weapons factories wrote that they are now completely re-equipped and stamp masks. I hope that such measures will somehow ease the unaffordable burden of reality.

Well, now I have a few words to say for the preparation of morgues. The first working week is a baptism of fire. On the first day, I learned that all departments are isolated; no one just wanders around the offices. An hour after the start of work, the morgue called and said that the technicians for the autopsy were transferred to the preparation of the hospital. I recognized the voice of the dissector who had once taught me. He was overjoyed. And what do you think? I asked my superiors to let me do autopsies. I have not held a dissecting knife or saw it in a long time. For two days, the two of us performed autopsies, and in the evening, I would crawl home, hunched over, and fall into bed, unable to straighten my back. Do you know what it feels like to sit out a leg? So the same thing, only over the body: very large and stayed tired body. On Wednesday, the order came to stop all autopsies! I was given a task-to start preparing the construction of a temporary tent mortuary! Now a moment of realism: a dose of statistics about the capabilities of our city when it comes to the dead, for not for the first time. Each hospital has its own, usually a small morgue. For example, when I was working with Medusa I helped with the design of the new mortuary. There were three departments in that morgue: the clinical Department, the neuro Department, and a spacious dissecting room for medical students. On average, hospital morgues can store 10-30 bodies, because more is simply not needed. However, the city morgues, where court cases are held, are already more interesting. There are five in NY, one for each district: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The largest, of course, in Manhattan. During my work, I was rotated and visited all five, and each district has its unforgettable nuances. As for the capacity: five city morgues can accommodate about 900 bodies. NY flew around the photos that the morgues put mobile trailers-morgues-refrigerators. This is true. This was the first time such morgues were used after the September 11 attacks, and since then they have become an important part of emergency preparedness. The city is preparing for a large number of deaths. Our state promised to allocate 85 such trailers, which will allow us to accommodate 3740 bodies. Each trailer accommodates 44 bodies and keeps the temperature at 4 degrees of heat. Today they are empty. Most of the trailers will be parked at the city’s morgues, but the hospitals will also get a couple of them. This weekend, I will continue to work on the installation of a temporary field mortuary and will decide where and how to put the trailer that was allocated to us: it will be a temporary storage point for bodies, before being transported to funeral homes. Funeral homes are also actively preparing to receive bodies, and improvements are being made to crematoriums. I am also actively negotiating with funeral homes. We are actively developing processes for transporting bodies from hospital beds to temporary mortuaries and then sorting them into different funeral homes. I cannot believe this is happening. Hands do, and the consciousness went into refusal.

What infuriates most of all is that, despite all the admonitions and prohibitions, the people continue to actively blunt and walk the streets. In Manhattan, it’s quiet, but in other areas, people have picnics in parks, young people hang out on the street, groups of people gather to hang out with dogs. What we need are strict measures to introduce troops and penalties for being on the street for no good reason (Pets, going to the store, etc.). Only with these methods can we smooth this situation, otherwise our brothers will not be enough to care for the sick!
Moreover, the President wants to open the country for Easter! OK, if we open it, the Church visitors will be in wooden and zinc boxes.