Christie’s has sold a rare meteorite auction at Christie’s that came from space and almost killed a German Shepherd when it crashed into its kennel in Costa Rica.

A buyer paid $21,420 for an 8cm x 4cm carbon chondrite that fell in the garden of dog owner Rocky’s home in Aguas Zarcas in April 2019.

The wood-and-tin doghouse itself, with an 6-inch hole where the meteorite hit the roof, is being sold separately for $44,100, according to Christie’s. It is noteworthy that initially the price of the meteorite was different. The presale estimate was between $200,000 and $300,000.

Recall that in 2019 a rare meteorite broke through the roof of a dog kennel in Costa Rica. The animal was not harmed, and the scientists were able to study the unique stone, which contains water-rich minerals. According to, when the meteorite approached Earth, it was the size of a washing machine. However, when the rock entered the atmosphere, it broke into several pieces. One of them just landed in Costa Rica.

American scientists from the University of Arizona became interested in a fragment of the meteorite, reported. It was about the size of a washing machine when it approached Earth, but broke up into several pieces as it entered the atmosphere. One of them just landed in the Aguas Zarcas area.

Previously, a bidder paid $189,000 for a piece of moon rock discovered in Morocco in 2007. That, too, is below the $300,000 pre-sale estimate. Another meteorite found in the Sahara desert in Mauritania sold for $69,300 during a two-week online sale ending on Wednesday, February 23rd. Another stone weighing 9.1 kg, which was valued at $500,000 to $800,000, never found a buyer.