The most detailed mosaic of the Milky Way has appeared, where you can see objects that are not visible even in special devices. It consists of 234 individual photographs.

Finnish astrophotographer J.P. Metsavainio spent 12 years creating a mosaic of the Milky Way, which consists of hundreds of individual photographs. The work took 1250 hours of clean time, the researchers note that this image can reveal “the beauty of the entire galaxy” for observers.

Initially, the photographer specialized in photographing individual objects: star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, choosing the most beautiful and spectacular in the sky. For 12 years of work, he has developed a sub-mosaic of 234 individual elements with voids between them.

He started the project in 2009 and conceived it as a 100K-pixel image made up of 234 individual photographs stitched together. The resulting image captures the entire galaxy, showing approximately 20 million stars.

The scientists also added that in addition to the scale of the image, they were struck by the “stunning detail” that can be seen in the mosaic. For example, there you can look away objects that are difficult to notice even with the help of special equipment.

“These pieces of a complete picture of the Milky Way help us see the beauty of celestial objects such as the California Nebula, the Pelican Nebula and more,” said the photographer.

You can see more amazing space photos of Metsavainio on his website.