An unknown woman was spotted surrounded by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Attention to the mysterious stranger, who has recently appeared several times next to the politician at public events, was drawn by NK News.

According to the publication, an unknown woman of 30-40 years old can be seen in a number of photos and videos distributed by the state media of the DPRK in recent weeks. So, she allegedly accompanied Kim Jong-Un at four public events this month. In particular, in several frames published last week, a stranger was captured near the limousines on which the North Korean leader is moving.

At the same time, NK News writes, in most cases a woman appears in public with a large black bag — she probably carries things in it that the head of the DPRK may need at any time, for example, medicines or communication devices. In addition, at one of the party meetings in February, a stranger personally handed over documents to Kim Jong-Un before his speech.

According to the publication, this woman is the new assistant to the North Korean leader. It is not yet possible to establish her identity for sure, but it is assumed that she may turn out to be the mysterious half-sister of the head of the DPRK, Kim Sol Song.

Almost nothing is known about Kim Jong-Un’s half-sister. According to a number of officials who escaped from North Korea, the woman is 48 or 49 years old. She is the daughter of Kim Jong il from his second marriage and, according to sources, held important posts in the party. As NK News suggests, she currently holds a position in the department for planning and organizing events of the North Korean leader.