Swiss researchers using a supercomputer have calculated the constant pi with new accuracy, breaking past records, up to 62.8 trillion digits after the decimal point. This is reported in a press release on

According to scientists, the entire calculation took 108 days and nine hours. The speed of calculations was almost twice as fast as when Google reached the record set using its cloud in 2019 (more than 31 trillion characters), and 3.5 times faster than the previous world record in 2020, when more than 50 trillion digits after the decimal point were calculated in the number pi. Currently, the researchers are waiting for their result to be confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records.

The last ten digits in the new value of pi are 7817924264. Although the number is irrational, that is, its decimal representation is infinite and does not repeat itself, mathematicians continue to refine its value using powerful computers. The experience gained in calculations is useful in other fields of science, including RNA analysis, hydrodynamic modeling, and text analysis.

The number pi is a mathematical constant and is defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the length of its diameter.