A new “September 11” predicted for the United States

After the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the probability of new terrorist attacks in the United States is “simply off the scale,” Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on CBS.

“The probability of another September 11 has just increased. Our drone attacks will not lead to the destruction of the IS. The number of militants and IS has doubled. We turned away from our allies and created the conditions for another September 11,” the senator explained.

According to the politician, he has never been so concerned about the United States as he is now.

Graham noted that the U.S. war in Afghanistan is not over. The actions of American President Joe Biden led to the opposite effect, and over the next twenty years, the leaders of the White House will solve “problems due to the disaster in Afghanistan.”

On Sunday afternoon, an explosion occurred in Kabul. The U.S. Central Command reported that it carried out an airstrike near the airport of the Afghan capital. The Pentagon believes that the car had explosives planted by IS militants.

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