Three leading companies that launch satellites into low Earth orbit have unveiled a joint safety system. It should help devices not to collide with each other.

OneWeb, Spire Global and Orbit Fab will test a new collaboration platform developed by Slingshot Aerospace. It should help satellite operators exchange space traffic information and avoid potential collisions.

The Slingshot Beacon system will be used as centralized communication and coordination platform “to address orbital joint problems and alert others of planned maneuvers.” In the future, they should improve space security by creating additional communication channels.

The three companies participating in the Slingshot pilot program own 53% of satellite constellations in low Earth orbit.

A collaboration system for satellite operators is urgently needed as more devices are being launched into orbit, the companies said in a joint statement. This technology will help spacecraft owners and operators “communicate effectively, resolve orbital connection issues, notify others of planned maneuvers and provide notifications of ascent into orbit.”

Beacon will use both public data and private customer information to create a space catalog. Slingshot has partnered with Numerica Corp., a space data provider that operates a network of deep space telescopes. Most of the technology used for Beacon was developed by the startup Stellatus Solutions.