Jacob Chansley became one of the most recognizable participants in the attack. He came to storm the Capitol in a fur hat with horns.

A 51-year-old resident of Arizona will spend a little less than three and a half years in prison – this decision was made by Judge Royce Lamberth. This is less than the 51st month of imprisonment, which the state prosecution insisted on. As arguments, prosecutors cited the fact that Chansley was actually one of the leaders of the rioters, and was also among the first 30 participants in the attack who entered the Capitol building. The text of the statement notes that the Shaman-QAnon – the nickname by which Chansley is known – carried a two-meter flag with a point at the end past dozens of police officers. He entered the halls and corridors of the Capitol, despite the sounds of sirens, and continued to encourage the participants of the rally, expressing ideas about the potential opportunity to “get rid of the government.”

“On January 6, 2021, the world watched how the actions of the defendant and others shook the very foundation of our democracy — the process of peaceful transfer of power after free and fair elections. These actions have called into question the security of the country in which we live. The enormous damage caused by the actions of the defendant should be reflected in the punishment so that we will never have to witness such an attack on democracy again,” the statement of the state prosecution says.

At the same time, Chansley’s lawyers hoped that as a punishment for their ward, the court would appoint a term corresponding to the time that Chansley had already spent in prison. Chansley was arrested in Arizona in January of this year shortly after the attack on the Capitol. As arguments, the Shaman’s defense cited medical data on the mental state of Chansley. The lawyers noted that the defendant, a veteran of the U.S. Army, had suffered from mental problems for a long time, and they were especially aggravated after his arrest and imprisonment.

“I can say with confidence that Mr. Chansley is in a catastrophic psychological state, starting with the ability to communicate with others. I call on the Department of Justice, the Deputy Prosecutor, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the court and anyone who is willing to support our call to release Chansley as soon as possible. The postponement threatens the stability of his psyche,” Chansley’s lawyer Albert Watkins wrote in a statement before the sentencing hearing.

Addressing the court, Chansley himself expressed regret for what he had done. He claimed that he had drawn conclusions during his imprisonment and would not violate the law in the future. Judge Lamberth called Chansley’s speech one of the most memorable of his career. However, he also described Chansley’s actions as a serious crime, noting that they were aimed at undermining the work of the entire government.

Let me remind you that last week another participant in the attack on the Capitol, Scott Fairlamb, received a 41-month prison sentence. He was caught on video at the moment of striking a policeman.

Recall that as a result of the events of January 6 in Washington, one of the Capitol police officers died. Later, four more law enforcement officers who took part in the protection of the U.S. Congress building committed suicide.