African startup Phractyl has unveiled a prototype of an electric plane that looks like a bird. It has wings, bird legs and a tilting cockpit.

The Phractyl startup has unveiled a prototype of its Macrobat device. The developers say that it sits and takes off “almost vertically”, and is also equipped with bird legs and wings that can be partially tilted.

The crawler supports on the platform allow movement over rough terrain. The bird’s legs are equipped with powerful engines, so they can raise, lower, balance and tilt the aircraft body.

During takeoff, the Macrobat extends the cockpit to its maximum height, tilts back and unfolds the wings, so that the large legs tilt 20 degrees from vertical.

This is not a full-fledged VTOL, as the device needs little overclocking space. After takeoff, the platform folds into the hull to minimize air resistance.

The prototype device is designed for one person only. The flight range is 150 km; no more than 150 kg can be transferred to this distance. Travel speed – 180 km/h.

The developers note that the device can be remotely piloted to carry a passenger or cargo. Air taxis in this configuration will also accommodate more seats.