Several dozen people gathered in the park in front of the city hall in the south of Manhattan.

Participants of the rally at the City Hall in New York on Friday opposed the wearing of masks in schools and mandatory vaccination against coronavirus of employees of municipal enterprises.

In New York on Friday, more than 3 thousand municipal employees are to be dismissed: teachers, doctors, nurses, firefighters and police officers who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus. The city authorities expect that the threat of losing their jobs will force them to get vaccinated. In addition, from Thursday in New York, the mandatory wearing of masks in premises, with the exception of schools, has been canceled. Many parents and teachers are unhappy with this decision.

As a result, several dozen people gathered in the park in front of the city hall in the south of Manhattan, including teachers, doctors, several firefighters, parents of schoolchildren. The number of participants was not so large, as many expect to keep their seats with the help of trade unions, which previously criticized the authorities’ plans for large-scale layoffs.

“I worked as a nurse during the pandemic for two years. The conditions were difficult; we sometimes lacked coronavirus tests for ourselves. And now they want to fire us,” said one of the participants of the rally, who introduced herself as Stephanie. Some protesters said that they themselves were vaccinated, but they advocate that people should have the opportunity to choose whether to get vaccinated or not, and not go for it under pressure from the government.

“It is difficult for children in masks; it is more difficult for us to interact with them. The wave of Omicron has already passed, this is enough to torment both us and them,” a young man named John Spencer, who said he works as a teacher on Staten Island, one of the districts of New York, told.

The order in the area of the rally was ensured by reinforced police squads, the event was held calmly.