A rally in support of the Cuban authorities was held in Havana

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, more than 100 thousand people participated in the action.

More than 100 thousand supporters of the Cuban authorities gathered for a demonstration in the central part of Havana to express their condemnation of the riots that occurred last Sunday and to support the political course of the republic’s leadership. This was announced on Saturday by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

“More than 100 thousand people gathered early in the morning, driven by the desire to protect their country both from foreign interference and from the unrest that has arisen on the island, aimed at creating political instability in the country,” the ministry said on Twitter.

The rally began at about 06: 00 local time and lasted about two hours. Representatives of trade unions, student organizations, and labor collectives of state-owned enterprises took part in the demonstration. The participants carried images of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, ex-leader of the country Raul Castro, banners condemning the attempts of intervention, as well as flags of the republic and the revolutionary organization “July 26 Movement.” The demonstrators shouted slogans “Down with the blockade,” “With you anywhere, Diaz-Canel” and “Who does not jump, is a Yankee.”

The President of the country, Miguel Diaz-Canel, spoke at the rally. The Head of State stressed that a large amount of unreliable information about the events that took place in Cuba on Sunday has been replicated in recent days. “We demand to stop the lies, shamelessness, and hatred. Cuba has a strong allergy to hatred, and it will never be a country of hatred! the leader of the country declared. “We were born to win, not to be defeated.”

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