The stomach, liver and spleen of Rose Marie Bentley were not located where they are in an ordinary person.

Students at the University of Oregon in Portland (Oregon) during the autopsy of 99-year-old American woman found her a rare anatomical anomaly – rose Marie Bentley lived all his life with the inverted location of the main abdominal organs. This was announced on Tuesday by CNN.

“Compared to the normal location of the stomach – on the left, the woman had it on the right”, the TV channel quotes words of Professor Cameron Walker, who teaches the basics of clinical anatomy at the University of Oregon. – Her liver, which is usually on the right, was on the left. In turn, the spleen was on the right, not on the left. The entire digestive tract was also inverted”. However, the heart of the Bentley was located in the usual place.
“The chance to find another such person is one in 50 million”, Walker added.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Bentley apparently was not aware of her anomaly, which, however, did not prevent her to live for nearly a century. American was born in the early XX century in Oregon in the West of the United States, married and gave birth to five children. Together with her husband, who died a few years ago, they bequeathed to transfer their bodies for scientific research.