Erica, a Japanese robot with artificial intelligence, will star in a science fiction film with the temporary title “B,” The Hollywood Reporter writes. According to the publication, $ 70 million was allocated to create the film.

According to the plot of the tape, the scientist who worked on improving human DNA understands that his program is fraught with danger. He decides to help the created female robot (Erica) escape from the secret laboratory.

It is noted that some scenes with Erica were shot in Japan in 2019, but the main shootings will take place in Europe in June 2021. Who will be the director of the film is still unknown. One of the producers is Sam Kose.

Erica robot is an android created by Japanese scientists Hiroshi Ishiguro and Kohei Ogawa. The robot looks like a 23-year-old girl, has lively facial expressions and silicone skin. Android also knows how to determine the emotions of other people. Before this, Erica worked as a news anchor.