Researchers at Stanford University have developed a comfortable robotic cane for people with visual impairments.

Smart canes for people with visual impairments are usually heavy and expensive: their weight can reach 22.5 kg at a cost of about $ 6 thousand. Also, such developments are limited in functionality and warn the user about objects that are already right in front of them.

The authors of the new work from Stanford University have made a new cane with state-of-the-art sensors: it weighs only 1.3 kg.

It can be assembled at home by yourself from purchased parts. Also, the developers have made free and open source software. Therefore, a ready-made cane will cost the user only $ 400.

It helps people detect and identify obstacles, navigate easily around these objects, and follow routes both indoors and outdoors.

The developers hope that their new development will become an alternative and convenient option for all 250 million people who live with visual impairments.