The SRI International Research Institute has developed a system for managing heavy equipment. Moreover, it can be implemented without changing the main functionality of the device.

The SRI approach makes modifications to the excavator unnecessary. In other words, at any time a classical operator can sit down to control the equipment. The excavator can also be controlled using a sophisticated remote control, which experts sometimes use when the excavator is in places that are inaccessible or dangerous to the operator.

But in order to control it using the console, it was necessary to install a camera module on the top of the device, as well as antennas. The cameras are programmed to detect objects within a 360-degree radius, as well as people who may come close. If a close proximity occurs, the excavator will stop all movement and start flashing lights to warn a person who has entered its area of ​​effect.

The operator can remotely control the machine using a pair of joysticks and a virtual reality headset. You don’t even need to have special management skills to do this. The excavator’s articulated arm mimics the movements of the technician’s arm, so digging is intuitive. It is not yet known if SRI’s invention will appear on construction sites. Probably, at first the creators of the invention will have to overcome many legal obstacles.

Recall that it was the SRI International Research Institute, a division of Stanford University, that created the technology that became the basis for the voice assistant Siri, and a robot capable of controlling a Yamaha motorcycle.