January 6 Sacramento (California) was hit by a strong storm.

Heavy wind, rain and fallen trees left more than 125 thousand homes and businesses without electricity. According to the Sacramento Utility map, most of the power outages were on Elk Grove, Arden Arkaid, and Carmichael. The storm also affected Wilton, Land Park, Rio Linda, Citrus Heights, downtown Sacramento and East Sacramento, Yolo County, Cortland, Clarksburg, Ailton, Dixon, the foothills of the Placer and El Dorado counties.

The electricity supply restored 3 dozen employees utilities: 8 brigades, 5 specialists in Troubleshooting, operators and managers. Now there are still about 12 thousand residents of the city without light .

According to the California road service, heavy rain flooded several major roads: Galte-highway 99, Woodland-highway 16,and in the center of Sacramento-the southern strips of interstate 5. Since Sunday night there are reports of fallen trees that blocked the passage on the roads.
The storm also disrupted communication between the 911 emergency systems and the regional communications center, handling and directing the APU emergency calls to firefighters and ambulances.

About the number of victims during bad weather are information yet.
It is expected that the strong wind and rain will not stop on Monday.