The small Italian town of Centuripe is located in the east of Sicily near the famous Etna volcano. From the ground level, it does not stand out among thousands of other settlements in the country: there is a square with a church and several streets built up with tiled houses. However, from a bird’s-eye view it becomes obvious that Centuripe looks like a human figure. Photos and videos of the city are published by the Daily Mail.

Centuripe occupied the top of a steep hill in the Sicilian province of Enna. The shape of the hill determined the appearance of the city: in addition to the central part, it has five branches at once. Four long ones resemble arms and legs, and one short one resembles a head.

The most obvious comparison is with the figure. Centuripe seemed to someone like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian man,” someone, on the contrary, suggested that the city resembles a five-pointed star or even a flying swallow. Anyway, the authorities of the settlement, where about 5 thousand people now live, hope that its shape will attract the attention of tourists to it. However, without the use of drones, it will be difficult for those to see for themselves the appearance of the Centuripe.