A native of Minnesota, Tyler Jacob, who lived in Ukraine and was held captive by the Russians for 10 days, has been released.

28-year-old Tyler Jacob, who lived in Ukraine, was captured during the evacuation from Kherson, said Democratic Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, who announced his release.

“I am glad that Tyler has been safely reunited with his wife and daughter. Over the past two weeks, my team and I have been in close contact with his family, the Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, working to achieve this result, and I am glad that we were able to help get him to a safe place,” Klobuchar’s statement quotes the NBC News website.

Jacob’s mother, Tina Hauser, told MSNBC in early March that her daughter-in-law was informed that Jacob had been abducted by the Russian military right from the bus at a checkpoint in the Russian-occupied Crimea. According to his mother, Jacob moved to Ukraine last year to teach English.

“It was a real nightmare for parents, but tonight I can finally be at peace knowing that my son is safe,” Tina Hauser said.

Jacob’s father, John Quinn, called the past days “the most terrifying life experience.” He said that his heart remains with many families who are still suffering in Ukraine.

Senator Klobuchar called the detention of an American citizen unfair. A Department of State spokesman said the department was aware of the incident but would not comment for privacy reasons.

Another U.S. citizen, also from Minnesota, Jim Hill, was killed in Chernihiv, Ukraine, as his family reported on March 17 to NBC affiliate KARE11.

Jim Hill, who was born in Minneapolis and lived in Idaho, temporarily lived in Kyiv, but went to Chernigov, helping a friend who suffered from multiple sclerosis, his family said.

The UN Human Rights Office has registered more than a thousand civilians killed by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine, but the real number of victims is higher because many reports are still being confirmed. Russia denies attacking civilian targets and killing civilians in Ukraine.

On March 26, a senior representative of the U.S. Department of Defense said that control over Kherson was disputed: Ukrainian troops launched a counterattack.

“We cannot confirm exactly who controls Kherson today. It seems that it is no longer controlled by Russia to the same extent as before. Ukrainians are trying to take back the city,” the American official said. – We would say that Kherson is again a disputed territory.”