In Tehran, the plane crashed “Ukrainian airlines.”

Shortly before that, on the same night, Iran launched an airstrike on a US military base in Iraq

Whether these events are related is unknown, but the Arab media is already reporting that it may have been mistakenly shot down by Iranian air defenses.
There were 167 passengers on board the plane, but there are no official data yet.

It is reported that the brand of the crashed plane-Boeing 737-800.

Renewed. The first images from the crash site of the Ukrainian plane near Tehran have appeared. According to Free News, “there is no indication that anyone is alive.”

It is reported that the reasons for the death of the liner-technical, but so far there is no clarity.

Free News, citing Iranian television, reports that all the passengers were killed.

Update: The black box of the crashed plane was found.

Update: President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky made a statement in connection with the crash:
“Terrible news from the Middle East. Today, immediately after taking off from Imam Khomeini international airport (Tehran city), a passenger plane of Ukraine International Airlines was involved in a crash and crashed near the airport.
According to the latest data, all passengers and crewmembers were killed. Our Embassy clarifies information about the circumstances of the tragedy and the lists of victims. My huge condolences to the family and friends of all passengers and crew members.”

Update: The cause of the crash of the liner in Tehran was an engine fire, an official representative of the airport told Free News.

According to media reports, Iranian rescuers have already found the black box. He was handed over to law enforcement agencies for further investigation.

Published a list of those killed in the crash