At the auction RR was put up a floppy disk, which once left his signature the founder of Apple. The buyer paid $ 84115 for it.

The starting price of the lot was 7.5 thousand dollars. A Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0 floppy disk with a genuine Steve Jobs autograph was on display in perfect condition. The very signature of the Apple founder is slightly erased. The fact that the author of the stroke is exactly Jobs, previously established by experts. The buyer was promised to submit all the necessary documents to make sure.

The special value of the floppy disk is that Steve jobs rarely signed autographs. He just didn’t like doing it. On the same day, the business card of the founder of Apple went under the hammer. On it, the company logo still represents a striped bitten Apple. The starting price of the business card was $ 500. After an intense trading card sold for almost 5.4 thousand dollars.

Steve Jobs is an entrepreneur, inventor, and industrial designer from the United States, one of the pioneers of the digital age. He was born in 1955 in San Francisco. At the age of 21, he created Apple, which in the fall of 2018 was recognized as the most expensive public company in history. Jobs died on October 5, 2011, from cancer.