Doctors discovered a rare condition known as “wandering spleen” in an American woman who complained of abdominal pain. The corresponding report is published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Before becoming ill, the 36-year-old patient underwent a liver examination, during which no pathologies of the spleen were detected. However, a day later, the woman felt abdominal pain, and she also started vomiting.

In the emergency department, she was given new tests that revealed a 30-centimeter displacement of the spleen. According to doctors, the organ’s displacement was due to the liver, connected to the spleen through the ventilation system.

The woman was previously diagnosed with an inflammatory liver disease that triggered cirrhosis, impeding blood circulation. Because of this, a large amount of blood got into the spleen, causing it to expand, which could provoke stretching of the surrounding ligaments.

Doctors noted that this disease’s most dangerous consequence is a spleen infarction, leading to death.

Vagus spleen is a disease caused by overextension or underdevelopment of the organ’s ligamentous apparatus that fixes the spleen in a typical place, leading to torsion, heart attack, and rupture of the organ.